The Mosque of Granada’s 13th anniversary’s program

Cartel web aniversario-01_ENG-01Friday, July 22

11:00 Opening. By Amir Malik A. Ruiz
11:30 Conference. «The role of Tasawwuf as Protector of the Society Against Extremism». By Shaykh Ali Laraki
12:30 Coffee
13:00 Conference. «Ignorant Men Raise Questions That WiseMen Answered a Thousand Years Ago». By Abdallah Dutton
14:30 Salat al Jumu’ah and lunch
19:00 Open evening at the Gardens of the Mosque

Saturday, July 23

11:00 Conference. «The role of the Amir al Muminin in Morocco in establishing the values that prevent extremism». By Muhammad Al Ja’adi.
12:00 Coffee
12:30 Conference. «Politics, a Question of Balance». By Rais Abu Bakr Rieger
14:30 Dhuhr and lunch
21:00 Maghrib and Night of Dhikr

Sunday, 24 July

11:30 Coffee
12:00 Conference. By Abdul Mujeeb Gallagher
12:45 Conference. “Islam-The Straight Path. Between the two extremes”. By Shaykh Abdalhaqq Bewley
14:00 Closing speech