On Time

Muslims: If we ask ourselves what is the most blessed gift with which Allah, the [...]

The Favour of the Intellect

Muslims, fear Allah in secret and in public, in difficulty and in ease and whoever [...]

The Favour of Language

Muslims!  The fear of Allah [Taqwa] is a protection, a gift, a light from Allah, [...]


The fifth and final pillar of Islam is Hajj. The visit to the holy house [...]

Being mindful when talking

Muslims, one of the greatest blessings that Allah has given to human beings is language, [...]

On the importance of the Prayer

Muslims, this week we celebrated the anniversary of the night of Isra and the Mi’raȳ, [...]

The Truth will be Victorious

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim Muslims! It is true that Allah has favoured some times and some [...]

The Day of Jumu’ah

Muslims! Just three weeks ago we celebrated the most important day of the year, the [...]

Visiting the Prophet (SAWS)

Muslims! The Hajj is coming to an end. The last Hujjaj, who have stayed in [...]


The second pillar of Islam is the Salat (the prayer), and is an obligation for [...]